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Commercial Water Softeners

In essence, commercial water softeners are no different than residential water softeners (or even industrial water softeners for that matter). All water softeners that Viridian sells consist of premium ion-exchange resin to remove calcium, magnesium, iron, and manganese ions from your water supply. Commercial water softeners are sized based on their capacity to soften inlet (feed or unfiltered) water. Manufacturers of commercial water purification / filtration equipment such as commercial water softeners, commercial reverse osmosis systems, commercial water filters, commercial UV (ultraviolet disinfection) systems, produce commercial water softeners from capacities ranging from 20,000 grains to well over 1 million grains capacity. Commercial water softeners, especially the water softeners that Viridian most commonly recommends, are very crucial components of water filtration projects.

Commercially, the use of water softeners has been steadily increasing for the last few decades. With more car washes, laundromats, schools, research facilities, independent scientific inquiries, private fitness studios and recreation centers than ever before, Viridian projects commercial water softener demand to continue to climb proportionately. We are here for your commercial water softening needs!

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