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Paul Klinec

Klinec Electric Services & Manufacturing Ltd.

"Over the past 15 years, we have been in business with the founders of Viridian, and very much relish the rapport we have built with them. They were initially contacted to service an industrial R.O. system, but later suggested helpful modifications and more efficient systems. Our processes here at Klinec Manufacturing Ltd. have improved in their rate of production and quality of output. We are pleased to say that Viridian Water Systems is a high quality water treatment specialist."

"It’s difficult to believe that our entirely new industrial reverse osmosis system was designed, constructed and installed in less than 2 months! Viridian Water Systems has set a whole new standard in the water purification industry, with their technicians engineering and project management excellence. Their industrial reverse osmosis systems, industrial water softeners, commercial reverse osmosis systems, and commercial water softeners are sure to please clients in a variety of commercial or industrial settings!"

Fuchs Lubricants Co.,

Industrial and specialty lubricant manufacturer

FloChem Ltd.,

Bulk liquid chemical distributor

"When sourcing water treatment systems, we look for perfection. It’s relieving to know that we can turn to one supplier to provide us with reliable industrial water softeners, and industrial reverse osmosis systems. Their product performance is outstanding, and their industrial water softener and industrial reverse osmosis system troubleshooting services stand above the rest. Thanks to Viridian Water Systems efforts, we can ensure timely delivery of our products to our customers!"

"If we have to purchase another commercial reverse osmosis system in future, it will most assuredly be one from Viridian Water Systems! Our manufacturing facility can cease operations for weeks at a time with absolutely no water treatment start-up headaches, and can quickly depend on high-quality water. Installation of our commercial reverse osmosis system was simple, and fit perfectly into our desired location. After three years of maintenance-free operation, our Viridian Water Systems commercial reverse osmosis system is easy to operate and maintain!"

Jordan Cast & Wicker,

Outdoor furniture and accessory manufacturer

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