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Industrial Reverse Osmosis

Industrial & Commercial Applications of Reverse Osmosis Systems


Heavy Industrial

Heavy Industrial

Reverse osmosis systems are widely used in both industrial and commercial applications, where large volumes of purified water (and filtered water) are required at high levels of purity; typically operating at pressures between 100 and 1,000 PSI. Over the years, Viridian Water Systems has discovered that most commercial and industrial reverse osmosis systems operate most efficiently when they consist of multiple RO membranes installed in series. The processed water from the first stage of RO pre-treatment can be passed through additional membrane modules to achieve higher levels of purification for the final product water. The concentrated drain water can also be directed into successive reverse osmosis membranes for enhanced system efficiency.

Industrial reverse osmosis systems can be used to filter boiler feed water, industrial wastewater, process water and much, much more. A few of the most common industrial uses include:

  • Boiler Feed Water Purification: Reverse osmosis water is typically used to reduce the total dissolved solids content of waters prior to feeding into boilers & cooling towers
  • Pharmaceutical: Reverse osmosis is an industry approved water purification process for the production of ultrapure water for pharmaceutical applications
  • Food & Beverage: Water incorporated in the processing of food products and beverages is often purified by an industrial reverse osmosis system and / or deionized water system
  • Semiconductor: Reverse osmosis water is a vital component of the treatment process to produce ultra-pure, low-conductivity water in the semiconductor industry
  • Metal Finishing: RO (reverse osmosis) systems have been successfully applied to a variety of metal finishing operations, including but not limited to, several types of copper, nickel and zinc electroplating; nickel acetate sealing processes; and black dye synthesis

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